We are thankful for the opportunities provided by our society, Hong Kong. It has always been our mission to contribute to it, with a dedication to fostering harmonious relationships with people from all walks of life. We care for the community, therefore we put in more resources, we serve and we help those in need.

Employee Volunteering & Corporate Giving

  • Participate regularly in community-services
  • Encourage employees to participate in voluntary services
  • Implement incentives and facilitation measures to encourage employees to participate in volunteer services
  • Provide cash or in-kind donation/sponsorship to non-profit-making organizations

Partnership with Non-profit-making Organizations

  • Co-organize community partnership projects with non-profit-making organizations
  • Use business expertise to provide voluntary support to non-profit organizations

Social Responsibilities

  • We are also committed to capitalizing on our strengths and resources to contribute to society through various means including voluntary services, donation and sponsorship.