With "Responsibility is Vital; Achievement originates from Givingas our motto and Enrich together; Admire each other" as our Esprit de Corps, Success Base Group actively implements the corporate social responsibility and obligation, wishing to create a favorable environment and quality of life together with the public.

Success Base Group has always been investing in a lot of resources, providing a wide range of welfare to give blessing for employees, such as Birthday Red Packet, Emergency & Compassionate Fund, various awards.  Also organizing a number of leisure activities, encouraging staff to participate in order to be benefited from a good work-life balance. 

Success Base Love Fund was established in April 2017, and has since put on a lot of resources into the fund operation. Success Base Angels Team participates regularly in community-service to help those who are in need.  We fully utilize the resources to contribute to the community and to fulfill the corporate social responsibility.

Other Club Activities